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I am E.Z. , graduated at the University of the Arts London.

My aim is to help businesses increase their presence IRL and online through development of their brand identity and business strategy, social media marketing, web design, SEO strategy and brand activation.

Recently, I am focused on grasping my 3D skills and pick up knowledge on textile and fashion design.
 Depending on projects I undertake, I access my creative network to assist me with their specialised skills and knowledge. Having such network helps me to achieve the best results in whatever project I commit myself. My ultimate goal is to make Zeneli Design a successful full time design studio.

At Zeneli Design studio, we aspire to be bold, playful and everlasting.
Deeply inspired by brand stories, we create bold and elegant identities in a modern aesthetic way. Helping businesses of all sizes deliver their message to their target market.

Creative thinking that is beautifully executed in realistic timeframes.




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